Ryan 100wc Beg. 27th June

Once there was a cell.

That held a prisoner well.
It held him day and night.
While he was tucked up tight.
He planned to get away .
When it was the next day.
He only got fed .
When he went to bed.
He was treated like a mouse.
In this terrible house.
When could he get away?
When could he get away?
When would it be the next day?
When would it be the next day?
“I have to hatch a plan!”

Jazmin 100wc Beg. 27th June

Bob the mysterious murdera! Ten people have been murderd and police believe that it was done in 2 nights! Everyone is panicking but there is no need to panic because they are already on the trail of sighshal Bob! The Government said that if we don’t catch him soon then he could finish his DEADLY plans…police believe that sighshal Bobs is hiding where evrybody dreads to go … the SEWERS! Police are now on the seen of the missing body.

Police now think that sighshal Bobs plans are to FLOOD THE MRS SIPPY and that he will do it on the 18th of July.
Reported by Jazmin

Eren 100wc Beg. 27th June

“Help” I cried . Before I knew it they carried me into a prison.”I haven’t done anything wrong “I shouted. But they didn’t believe me. Now I am full of hunger,Sadness and loneliness. I am stuck.I tried to dig a trench but the floor was as hard as ever! ” who are you ” I swear I heard a voice. I could hear the floorboard creaking.”pst here”said the .voice .Please tell me your not a gost I mumbled .” I am your long lost cousin silly.”I was shocked, me your cousin you must be joking.I explained the only cousin I knew is dead . So the question how are we going to get out.

Casie 100wc Beg. 27th June

 Deep, Dark, cold and shallow hidden beneath the night to haunt your dreams of only hatred and no lives to spare; with the wind behind his back he left without a trace, the murderer, terrible terrible murderer rarely seen, but always heard of.. If you listened to the night you could hear the darkness call within him. So many cries in the night that your bound to ignore wondering why, the murderer now clean and scared caught and never to be seen again… Troubles now stop and are safe from the terrible, terrible, murderer…

Amy 100wc Beg. 27th June

“Hey, Tom, are you going to go on a walk with me?” Shouted Joe.

“Okay, let’s go.” So off they went down the big hill, but halfway down two men grabbed Tom, and they carried him off down to the little room. Joe, who was following, got there before them, hid in one of the cellars and pretended that he was a prisoner. Sneakily he saw where the key went, and once the men had gone, he got out of the cellars and got the key.” Joe!!!, your here, how-” ” shhhhh!” Said Joe. He unlocked the cellar and Tom jumped out, really scared. Suddenly a voice said ” whose there?” Tom gasped ” DAD!!!

Rowan 100wc Beg. 27th June

The night was cold all around me there was thunder and lightning scaring the sky. Nearby there was a prison with thousands and millions of prisoners but there was one that dreamed of freedom…

There was this man called Luke Chomes and he wanted to escape the prison he was in. One night he got his phone he had smuggled in and rung a lot of robbers. In the morning to robbers appeared on the other side of the sell window with a crowbar. Then he started tugging at the bars and then it broke and Luke climbed out. When the police herd about it they made a plan the police built a bank and the robbers went into it and it turns out to be a prison.

Sophie 100wc Beg. 27th June

He crept into the shop. He was looking  around thinking what he could steel. He  was thinking for agrees but then he saw a very speshap thing. What was thousands and thousands of money. It was a very very very very very rear stone. He steeled that suddenly you could here sirens every were he got found he was stuck in a wet dirge present he was trying to get out but he could end one day he said I’m going to get out today but he couldn’t I wonder when il get out …

Theo 100wc Beg. 27th June

(Day 1)I have the best cell I wonder how many people have escaped. (Lunch time) half the day has gone well I hope the lunch is good. Well that was bad. (Lights out) well today could be better well let’s get this done with. (Day 2) this time I will only leave my cell when  it’s breakfast, lunch and diner so not as many punches taken. But I might have to leave my cell when it’s gym.(Day 3) I am sorry I haven’t talked about my tunnel I have been digging for 3 days with spoons here we go omg  well that failed they new I was there(Day 5) That could of gone better what if I knock out a cop and take there uniform and I can walk out like a free man. (Day 6) well here we go. Well that worked good now to walkout. (Day 6) Homw sweet home.

Freddie 100wc Beg. 27th June

 I had decided to steal some money from  the bank. Suddenly l got caught by a policeman and he took me back to the police station and locked me up. Suddenly I saw a disgusting rat who showed his bright red eyes and I was petrified!

I saw an uncomfortable bed and a scratchy blanket. I jumped on the bed to get away from the rat. The rat ran under the bed in a flash.
Later that day, I planned my escape from the uncomfortable prison.
“Guard, I’m very hungry. Please get me some food.”
The guard said “Okay” and he eventually brought me some food and I ran out the door and yelled “I’m free!”;/.

George 100wc Beg. 27th June

“Wwwwwwwrrrrrrrrrrrwwwwwwwwwwrrrrrrrrrr”screamed an alarm from next door. As we wondered over some one was running away I court them, then the police arrived and they took both of us and we got put in Alcatraz!!! After the gaurds had past I wrote down the final time and gave it to the one I court he thought it was fool proof. The next day we as as excaped and we split up  the bars and then me it was very complicated . It was time to the essences . We had two minuets to excaped from cell 007 , 006 , 005 and 009. Now we have split in are different ways I wonder if I will see him again.